The Menagerie



Welcome to Olde Farm, my name is Horatio, I am elder statesman of the pack and I would like to introduce you to my fellow pets.  You will see many of us wandering around the gardens, we love attention and are very friendly, so please stop and say hello.  You will find floating food to feed the runner ducks and swans in the cottages and they absolutely love bananas! My friends here are my fellow pug,  Peggy Sue; Miss Betsy the Terrier-ist and our latest edition, Mademoiselle Tattinger the Frenchie;  Potato, Oliver and Gandalf the cats;  Thelma, Tina Turner, Maud, Millie, Heidi, Bette and Bruce the hens.  There are also the Runner Ducks (lots) – and our beautiful black swans, Aragorn and Arwen.  Then there are Mack and Mabel the mallards and their neighbours Mr & Mrs Moorhen and their brood, oh and I must not forget Sir Barry and Lady Brenda the hedgehogs who live in the little houses tucked away in the bushes.  In the garden you will find Froddo, Bilbo and Samwise the ‘Hoppits’ or rabbits if you must, alongside Boromir and Faramir the guinea pigs who are joined in the summer months by Legolas the tortoise.  There are also lots and lots of species of wild birds that come and visit daily to have breakfast with us particularly Phil the Pheasant and Alan Partridge who drop in to hoover up the food that the birds drop at the feeding stations dotted around the gardens. 

We hope you enjoy your stay here at Olde Farm with us and we look forward to meeting you.

Bye for now.

Horatio Caine-ine (yes Dalene is a great CSI Miami fan as well as Lord of the Rings fanatic)